September Is National Sewing Month

Septmeber Is National Sewing Month

September Is National Sewing Month National Sewing Month is a time to indulge your passion for sewing and is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the craft if you’ve never tried it before. New and experienced enthusiasts can find free sewing projects and Guidelines for sewing, e … [Read more...]

Fall Craft Idea

Fall Craft Ideas

Fall Craft Idea - Vintage Paper Leaf Wreath I love Fall and I love all the craft ideas that go along with it. Orange, brown, yellow, red all the colors of Fall make me want to start crafting. Paper Leaf Wreath Supplies You Will Need: 1. Leaf Template 2. Scissors 3. Cardstock 4. … [Read more...]

Apron Embroidery

Apron Embroidery

Apron Embroidery The kitchen is usually a beehive of activity, where families usually converge and trade stories about how their day went. To some mothers, it is a place of solace, a place where they concoct their very own delectible treats for the whole family. There are a lot of women and men … [Read more...]

Top-Rated Sewing Accessories


Have you ever wondered what other people thought made things a little easier while sewing. These were this week's top-rated sewing accessories by our readers. They are not necessarily essential to sewing but they sure do make things alot easier. We try to do have our readers rate their most favorite … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Your Needs

Brother Sewing Machines

Choosing The Best Sewing Machine Can Be Difficult Below are some good tips on how to choose the best sewing machine for your needs: With the variety of sewing machines and specialized features available, it can be difficult to choose just the right machine to meet your sewing needs. … [Read more...]

Which Adhesive Do I Use?

Which Adhesives Do I Use

At some point in our daily lives, we all find something that we need an adhesive for, whether it be a household repair, hobby/craft, homework, etc. Do you know which one to use for that particular project? A large and growing number of adhesives are available on the market today. Some are … [Read more...]

Keda Dye – Wood Craft Dyes


Wood dyes from Keda Dyes can make 5 quarts (4730 mls) of liquid wood stain dye. Each of the 5 vibrant wood dye colors will mix 1 quart of eco friendly wood stain and dyes, and is an excellent alternative to the high VOC wood stains. This 5 color wood dye kit contains the rich, and vibrant … [Read more...]

Autumn Decorations – Craft Ideas

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Top Ten Most Fun Easter Crafts

Easter Craft Ideas

Do you have the winter blues? Has winter just about gotton out of your system and you are ready for bright fun pastels and cheery little Easter sewing patterns and Easter Crafts? Below is a list of fun Easter crafts and Easter sewing patterns that are sure to jump start your Spring … [Read more...]

Does anyone have any small craft ideas for xmas?

Hannah M asked: I am looking for some cooking or craft ideas that can be put into cellophane bags or glass jars to give as xmas presents. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.Antique Sewing Machines … [Read more...]

Does Anyone Have Any Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids?

I'm helping out at my moms daycare tomorrow and thought it would be fun to come up with a creative craft to do with them. There will be 4 of them ranging from 1-2nd grade (there is no school tomorrow) there will also be a 3 yr old (who is VERY smart for her age.) Do you have any fun/creative project … [Read more...]

What are some good craft ideas for crafts you will be selling?

actressanddancer4life asked: I am trying to get some money by making crafts and selling them, i just dont know what to make. any ideas or websites would be greatly appriciated.Singer Sewing Machines … [Read more...]

Does anyone have any small home made craft ideas for xmas?

Hannah M asked: I am looking for some cooking or craft ideas that i can make at home to put into cellophane bags or glass jars and give as xmas presents. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.Cricut Expression Machines … [Read more...]

What are some great craft ideas for a 7-8 yr old girl?

nikkigirl2282 asked: I am a participant in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and I have recently been matched with a 7 year old little girl. I would really like to get her interested in doing some crafts activities. What are some fun and easy craft ideas that I can do with her?Digital … [Read more...]

Do you have any good classroom party games or craft ideas for kids?

Jaim Jaim asked: I'm organizing my son's 3rd grade class party at school. I would like to have a game and an easy craft. **Ive looked at several websites for ideas but they all pretty much suggest the same things** I would really like something different. Thanks for your suggestions. IT IS FOR … [Read more...]

is there any good websites that give you cool craft ideas for your guinea pigs?

guineapiggodess asked: I've been looking for website that give you cool craft ideas for your guinea pig like how to make cute little hideways,toys,ect.... so if you know of any could you PLEASE tell me! I've been looking for hours and the one who gives me the coolest website i will pick it has the … [Read more...]

Craft ideas for the theme reponsibility?

misslori_02 asked: I was just wondering if anyone knew of any craft ideas or activities in general that i could do with grade 1 and 2 children that incorporated the theme responsibility? Last week in my class we read the book the Lion King then just asked question about that. Any help would be … [Read more...]

Who has craft ideas for powdered chalk?

Alysia asked: I teach a class of two and three year olds. I am looking for a project for Sunday, and we have very limited supplies. One thing we have a ton of is chalk. So I was thinking I could grind up colored chalk and the kids could just kind of smear it over some black paper and then I could … [Read more...]

looking for Christmas craft ideas to do with a will be 4month old?

TTC in February =] asked: i babysit and i like to do crafts for the holidays. i'm going to the store tomorrow to get supplies for our thanksgiving craft. i realize he's 4mo. old so theres not much that can be done. for thanksgiving i'm doing this thing where i trace his hands and feet and make a … [Read more...]

can anyone help me with craft ideas for the family?

alienchick_87 asked: Me and my boyfriend are trying to think of a craft we can do as a family with his two kids. Any ideas? Crafts that we can used materials from around the house would be good. I thought about making kites, but not sure on the materials to use. There is a three yr old girl and a 6 … [Read more...]