Bead Knotting For Beginners

Bead Knotting

The traditional technique used for bead knotting is not hard to learn, in fact, most pearl necklaces are knotted using this method. The traditional method for bead knotting will add an extra finished look to pearl, as well as other beaded necklaces. The most difficult part of traditional knotting is … [Read more...]

Little Rascals – Scrapbook Layout

Little Rascals - Scrapbook Layout submitted by Katrena Goldstein Ok, I know they are wild animals. I know that they potentially have diseases. But are they not the cutest, furry, little creatures!!! I was in a situation where I could see some raccoons up close and immediately used my camera to … [Read more...]

Want To Get Pinched? No

St. Patricks Day Crafts Shamrock

Then, make this cute little shamrock, and you just might save yourself a few pinches! St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Cut out two pieces of green felt in the shape of a shamrock. Embroider with backstitch on the inside shamrock in a lighter green embroidery floss (1 strand). Glue wiggly eyes eyes … [Read more...]

An Inside Look at Designer and Quiltmaker


ERIN WILSON, is a designer and quiltmaker, and lives and works in Brooklyn, creating one-of-a-kind quilts and home accessories. Erin has been a dancer for 22 years, and translates her intuition for movement and musicality into textile art constructed with the traditional techniques of quiltmaking. … [Read more...]

Some Ideas For Cute Beaded Earrings

Profitable Jewelry Making

Have you ever sat down to bead a bracelet or necklace, maybe even earrings, and found that you just couldn't come up with something you were happy with? I know I have, but, I have also sat down and thought that I was doing really great until I got it together and found that it looked to gaudy. I … [Read more...]

How To Make An Apron

How To Make An Apron

To see more from Mary Jane Butters Click Here In my mother's day, women used to take the collar off a frayed shirt, turn it around, and stitch it back on. When that side wore out, they often used the fabric to make something else—a quilt or, in this case, an apron. Patterned fabrics from one s … [Read more...]

Beaded Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

ATC's are one of the latest and greatest arts as of late, and each craft is making it their own. ATC's are typically made using cardstock, but, you can Craft-Cycle as use items such as old playing cards, cereal (and any other similar type) boxes, file folders, greeting cards, just about anything … [Read more...]

Acrylic Gesso Recipe

Recipe For Acrylic Gesso

I have never tried making my own Gesso, but, I know some people would love to add that to their creative art making. I have found some great recipes, and would like to share them with you. Below you will find a few links to sites that have the recipes and all the instructions. … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Victorian Valentines

A Little Valentine's Day History Valentine's day history goes back to Roman times. The emperor Claudius II was a student of human nature and way back in AD 287 he calculated that single men made braver soldiers than married men. Therefore, as Claudius had absolute power, he dictated than no … [Read more...]

Scrapbook Lifestyle Free Scrapbooking Show

This is a great scrapbooking show that has some great scrapbooking and crafting ideas and techniques. This is the first of "Season Two" I am trying to find "Season One". Enjoy this, we will be adding one a day!   Tags: scrapbooking, scrapbooking videos, scrapbooking techniques, free … [Read more...]

The Complete Baby Shower Gift


After having my first child, I was given booties and an afghan. They are two of my most treasured gifts. If you love crocheting handmade gifts, these patterns will inspire you to be creative and give a gift that will be treasured for years to come! … [Read more...]

Felted Knitting Needle Case

In my searching for great patterns, and my curiousity about felting, I found this beautiful felted needle case, which features an un-felted knitted cable in a contrasting color, an ingenious device to organize your needle collection in style. For instructions and to download this pattern visit … [Read more...]

Scrapbooking Templates

Have you been searching for Scrapbooking Templates? Well, you have come to the right place! We will guide you to the best place we have found to get the most variety and best graphics for your scrapbooking templates. The DIY Network has 47 plus templates that you can download for occasions such as … [Read more...]

Altering Notebooks

Altering Notebooks For Kids Birthday Party GIfts

I have been playing around making some different things, and I picked up this notebook that I had covered with a plain heavyweight stock paper. My daughter is going to a Birthday Party, and wanted something really fun to take that would be personal. This Notebook can be personalized inside and out. … [Read more...]