Bead Knotting For Beginners

Bead Knotting

Bead Knotting

The traditional technique used for bead knotting is not hard to learn, in fact, most pearl necklaces are knotted using this method. The traditional method for bead knotting will add an extra finished look to pearl, as well as other beaded necklaces. The most difficult part of traditional knotting is getting the knot snug up against the bead. However, as with all jewelry making techniques, the more you practice, the more skilled you will become.

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Little Rascals – Scrapbook Layout

Little Rascals - Scrapbook Layout submitted by Katrena Goldstein

Ok, I know they are wild animals. I know that they potentially have diseases. But are they not the cutest, furry, little creatures!!! I was in a situation where I could see some raccoons up close and immediately used my camera to gather some shots. These are just a few of the many wonderful pictures I took of these funny little fellas having a blast eating, playing, and drinking water. I really feel the pictures here stand out on their own for this layout. I did not want to diminish their personality by using a lot of embellishments and patterned papers. I chose to use only a couple of different colors of cardstock and I embellished with just a single strand of ribbon and stamped images of pretty flowers and circles. Supplies used: cardstock, white gel pen, flower stamps, circle stamps, ink, ribbon, alphabet letters.

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Want To Get Pinched? No

St. Patricks Day Crafts Shamrock

St. Patricks Day Crafts Shamrock

Then, make this cute little shamrock, and you just might save yourself a few pinches!

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock

Cut out two pieces of green felt in the shape of a shamrock. Embroider with backstitch on the inside shamrock in a lighter green embroidery floss (1 strand). Glue wiggly eyes eyes on the inside shamrock. Backstitch the smile with 1 strand of embroidery floss. Stitch both front and back shamrocks together with the same color green thread as shamrock, leaving an opening at the bottom of the stem if you want to insert a stick. You can also use a safety pin and pin this shamrock to your clothes.

An Inside Look at Designer and Quiltmaker



ERIN WILSON, is a designer and quiltmaker, and lives and works in Brooklyn, creating one-of-a-kind quilts and home accessories. Erin has been a dancer for 22 years, and translates her intuition for movement and musicality into textile art constructed with the traditional techniques of quiltmaking. Erin's work is available online, at a few special shops in New York City and Boulder, and at high-end craft and design shows including the annual Brooklyn Designs. Erin also does extensive custom sewing work for the interior design industry.

Each of Erin's quilts begin in the dyeing room, where Erin hand-dyes all of her fabrics using fiber-reactive dyes, about 50 buckets, and a well-used washing machine. Using this broad color palette of cottons, the work continues with an often spontaneous design process that happens as the piece is assembled with a constant rhythm of cutting and sewing until forms emerge. Erin assembles her quilts with a sewing machine and adds the final touches by hand.

Erin's learned to sew from her mother, at home in Indiana. If sewing was an intense hobby, then dancing was an extreme passion and brought her to The Juilliard School, where she received a BFA in 1998. Upon graduation, Erin worked as a modern dancer and began taking commissions as a quilt artist. She is a member of the Manhattan Quilters Guild.

For more information on Erin's work, or to contact her about a quilt, visit her site: Erin Wilson Quilts

Some Ideas For Cute Beaded Earrings

Have you ever sat down to bead a bracelet or necklace, maybe even earrings, and found that you just couldn't come up with something you were happy with? I know I have, but, I have also sat down and thought that I was doing really beadedearrgreat until I got it together and found that it looked to gaudy. I have since learned that if there is a specific piece of jewelry that I want to create, that first I need to find a pattern or picture that I can use to help my creative juices flow.

beadedearringI was online trying to find some ideas for earrings and I ran across a site that had some really simple and cute drop earrings. The earrings above are an example of what can be done and how simple it can be.beadedearring-1

Make Your Own Beaded Drop Earrings. With this simple technique you can make a variety of different earrings


Photos Courtesy of Leila Cools
Jewelry Making

How To Make An Apron

To see more from Mary Jane Butters Click Here

How To Make An Apron

How To Make An Apron

In my mother's day, women used to take the collar off a frayed shirt, turn it around, and stitch it back on. When that side wore out, they often used the fabric to make something else—a quilt or, in this case, an apron. Patterned fabrics from one shirt can be used to edge an apron cut from another. It's easy to make attractive complementary combinations to create a vintage-style apron.

How To Make An Apron

How To Make An Apron


Other Resources:

How To Make An Apron

Apron Making Directions

Beaded Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

ATC's are one of the latest and greatest arts as of late, and each craft is making it their own. ATC's are typically made using cardstock, but, you can Craft-Cycle as use items such as old playing cards, cereal (and any other similar type) boxes, file folders, greeting cards, just about anything you can think of can be Craft-Cycled and used as a backing. Beaders are developing new ways to make this craft their own, by using similar techniques as ATC's and Fabric Postcards.

Some materials you will need to get started are:

  • 5x5 square of fabric
  • fabric glue
  • 9x12 piece of fusible web
  • scissors
  • iron, ironing board
  • rotary cutter, ruler, mat board
  • sheet of cardstock (or other craft-cycled material)
  • assorted beads

There are many other items that you can use on your BTC like, old keys, paint, fibers, paper pieces, charms, flowers, game pieces, natural elements and many more items.

Acrylic Gesso Recipe

I have never tried making my own Gesso, but, I know some people would love to add that to their creative art making. I have found some great recipes, and would like to share them with you. Below you will find a few links to sites that have the recipes and all the instructions.
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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

A Little Valentine's Day History

Valentine's Day Love Spoon

Valentine's Day Love Spoon

Valentine's day history goes back to Roman times. The emperor Claudius II was a student of human nature and way back in AD 287 he calculated that single men made braver soldiers than married men. Therefore, as Claudius had absolute power, he dictated than no soldier should marry. A Roman called Valentinus thought that this was rough justice and secretly married soldiers who had a sweetheart.

When Claudius discovered that Valentinus had defied his decree he threw Valentinus into jail. While incarcerated, Valentinus fell in love with the gaoler's daughter and sent her the first ever card - from your sweet Valentine.

In AD 496 Pope Gelasius, chose 14 February as the day to honor and remember Saint Valentine. In the history of Valentine's day, the 17th century was the most important era. The 14th of February became important as a day to exchange love notes by sending poems and gifts. Sometimes dances and small festivals were held.

Valentine Customs

In Wales wooden love spoons are made and given as presents on 14 February. Hearts, keys and keyholes feature as decorations on these carved spoons as and invitation to 'unlock my heart' .

Victorian ValentinesValentines day history in Medieval times saw the youth of the time wearing names drawn from a hat on their sleeves. Hence the modern expression 'to wear your heart on your sleeve' . This means that other people can easily see what you are feeling.

If a young lady sees a sparrow on February 14th flying overhead it means that she will marry a poor man and be extremely happy. If she saw a robin she would marry a mariner. A goldfinch seen by a woman meant that she would marry into riches.

St Valentine's commercialization probably began with the making and selling of cards in the 18th century. Women in the 18th century would write men's names on paper, roll them in clay and place them in a bowl of water. The first paper to rise to the surface would contain the name of a woman's true love.

If you would like to give a spoon to your true love, you can find great examples here:

A little history and a great place to purchase a Love Spoon!
Tutorial for Carving your own Love Spoon!
If you would like to see some examples of Victorian valentines see these sites:
Victorian Valentines in a Scrapbook Format
Victorian Valentines and more....

Scrapbook Lifestyle Free Scrapbooking Show

This is a great scrapbooking show that has some great scrapbooking and crafting ideas and techniques. This is the first of "Season Two" I am trying to find "Season One". Enjoy this, we will be adding one a day!


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The Complete Baby Shower Gift

After having my first child, I was given booties and an afghan. They are two of my most treasured gifts. If you love crocheting handmade gifts, these patterns will inspire you to be creative and give a gift that will be treasured for years to come!
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Felted Knitting Needle Case


In my searching for great patterns, and my curiousity about felting, I found this beautiful felted needle case, which features an un-felted knitted cable in a contrasting color, an ingenious device to organize your needle collection in style.

For instructions and to download this pattern visit

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Scrapbooking Templates

Have you been searching for Scrapbooking Templates? Well, you have come to the right place! We will guide you to the best place we have found to get the most variety and best graphics for your scrapbooking templates. The DIY Network has 47 plus templates that you can download for occasions such as picnics, graduation, shapes, and holidays. If you are looking for a template, that can be easily downloaded, printed and cut here is your link: Scrapbooking Templates.

If you have suggestions or if you would like to share any other places you have found, please let us know!! Email us directly at or use the comment box below!

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Altering Notebooks

Altering Notebooks For Kids Birthday Party Gifts

Altering Notebooks For Kids Birthday Parties

I have been playing around making some different things, and I picked up this notebook that I had covered with a plain heavyweight stock paper. My daughter is going to a Birthday Party, and wanted something really fun to take that would be personal. This Notebook can be personalized inside and out. I used a regular 4 divide notebook and DJ Inkers papers and cut outs to do this project.

This kind of project can be done as juvenile or as elegant as you decide. I also have found several other types of notebooks to use in different sizes and for many different uses.

Easter Egg Dyeing Basics

Easter Egg Crafts

Easter Eggs - Colored Easter Eggs

Eggs and dyes are the two main components of any Easter craft. Decorating eggs perfectly isn't hard; just follow these easy tips tips.

Hint: If you would like to keep your Easter eggs every year, try blowing them out before dyeing them. Here is how to do it how to blow out an Easter egg

Using this method you can preserve the egg but you can also use them for your decor, in a centerpiece, or as ornaments.

What You Need

- Hard-boiled eggs - Or hollowed out eggs that you have blown out
- Paper towel or newspaper
- Bowl or cup deep enough to completely submerge an egg
- Tongs, egg dipper, or slotted spoon
- 1/2 cup boiling water
- 1 teaspoon white vinegar
- Liquid food coloring (about 20 drops per color)

1. Start with cool hard-boiled eggs. - Or hollowed out eggs that you have blown out

2. Protect your surface by covering with a sheet of newspaper or paper towel.

3. Fill container with the mixture of water, vinegar, and food coloring.

4. Place egg on spoon and dunk, turning occasionally so both sides get color. Keep in liquid for up to 5 minutes, leave in longer for a darker hue.

5. Carefully remove the egg and set aside to dry.

Designing Jewelry for Teenagers

Designing Jewelry for Teenagers - A Profitable Market Niche

Teenage jewelry is an important and lucrative market niche. Today's 12- to 19-year-old crowd shops for fashions more than any other age group.

Teenage Jewelry Making

Teenage Jewelry Making

Fashion market analysts say that American teens currently spend $33 billion a year on fashion and beauty, with over 90% of them shopping for clothes and accessories at least once a month.

For many teenagers, fashion is an important part of establishing their
identity. Jewelry, clothes, shoes, and hairstyles can set young adults apart or make them fit in. In this age group more than any other, what you wear symbolizes what you believe, who you are (or want to be), and what group you belong to. Teens also have fun experimenting with fashion and color as their own personal style evolves.

You may want to consider having at least a small section of your jewelry
business cater to the teenage market. A considerable amount of jewelry is bought by and for teenagers - both girls and boys - for four main reasons:

1. This age group is always looking for something new; a typical teenage fashion trend lasts only six to twelve months. In my own experience, it's very rare for a teen to pass my booth at a show without stopping to look carefully at nearly everything in my display.

2. Jewelry is a popular gift for adults to give to teens. Especially
around gift-giving occasions, I often have adult customers asking me, "Do you have any jewelry for teenagers?"

3. Many teens love to shop, and many also have a sizeable amount of
spending money. Their income tends to be stable since it comes from multiple sources (parents, part-time jobs, babysitting, gifts) - and most of their income is disposable.

4. The teenage population is growing, and this demographic is expected to continue for several years. That means that spending among this group will most likely increase.

Tips for Designing Jewelry for the Teenage Market:

* The entertainment industry is the most significant influence on teen
fashion and beauty trends. Watch what's being worn by young celebrities, pop stars, alternative bands, etc. Check in on MTV occasionally, and thumb through teen-oriented magazines.

* Ask a few teenagers you know for jewelry ideas and feedback. You may be surprised by their insights.

* Visit a Hot Topic store, if your local mall has one.

* Keep in mind that teenagers generally don't want to wear anything their parents would wear - so whether *you* would wear a particular piece of jewelry is not the best barometer of its marketability to teenagers (unless you're a teenager yourself, of course).

* Spirituality is an important issue for teenagers. Young adults are
exploring their beliefs and tend to like symbols of philosophies they want
to be identified with. Spiritual jewelry tends to appeal to a significant
portion of teens.

(Examples of spiritual elements that can be incorporated into teen
jewelry include crystals and healing stones, crosses / fish / WWJD, star of David, and other symbols of major religions. And don't forget about the appeal of alternative spirituality, symbolized by elements such as Buddhas, chakra-rainbow jewelry, ankhs, Quan Yin, etc. You might want to choose just one or two religious directions to represent in your teen jewelry line.)

* Stock some tempting impulse-purchase items. Teens have a low resistance to impulse buys, and a price point of $15 or less can make a tempting piece of jewelry irresistible.

* Body jewelry is hugely popular among teens. Remember it doesn't always have to be pierced styles - nonpierced body jewelry is widely worn among this deomgraphic. In warm weather, teens will be susceptible to tempting displays of affordable ankle bracelets, toe rings, barefoot sandals, and other styles that can't be seen under winter clothes.

* Young ladies aren't the only ones who wear jewelry. Young men are
wearing more of it now than ever before. In general, masculine teen jewelry has a rugged look, with materials such as leather, hemp, rubber, pewter or silver, and beads.

* The majority of teenagers shy away from jewelry styles that are too far over the top. Teen designs need to balance "cool" with "wearable".

Discover thousands of secrets for marketing your handcrafted jewelry in Rena Klingenberg's jewelry business resources -

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips:
Home Jewelry Business Success Tips

Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth:
Ultimate Guide To Your Profitable Jewelry Booth

Creative Jewelry Display Ideas:
Creative Jewelry Display Ideas

Beading for Fun and Profit: Bracelet Making for Birthday Parties

You can have fun and make money at the same time by serving the "birthday party activity" niche. Make-and-take gemstone beaded bracelets are a very popular party activity.

Beading Designs

Beading Designs

A birthday bracelet beading party for girls age 5 and up is guaranteed to be a big hit. Most girls are thrilled with the opportunity to make jewelry, and parents appreciate that you're providing both the party favors (the bracelets the girls make to take home) and the party activity (making the bracelets).

I discovered this profitable home beading party niche by accident a few
years ago when I was asked if I could do a jewelry make-and-take craft at a 9-year-old girl's birthday party. The girl's mom and I decided on gemstone bead bracelets because necklaces would be too expensive, and not everyone has pierced ears for earrings.

So I came to the birthday party with my bead boxes, bead boards for
everyone, a tape measure, accuflex beading wire, little sterling silver
toggle clasps, velvet pouches for everyone, and a couple of example

I couldn't believe what a huge hit it was! The girls absolutely devoured the project and were thrilled to have real pearls and gemstones on their

Now I get calls regularly asking me to come do a bracelet birthday bead
party for another girl, and every time I do one, more parties get scheduled from it because the girls enjoy it so much.

Bracelet birthday parties are very easy to do, and they can also earn you a nice profit. I charge $15 per girl for parties of 9 or fewer girls, and $14
per girl for parties of 10 or more. I include a small velvet pouch for each
girl to store her bracelet in.

I bring bead boxes that are organized by bead color - and as you might
guess, pink and purple are DEFINITELY the most popular beads every time!

Fortunately, rose quartz is very inexpensive! :o) Blue beads are the next
most popular color. My birthday party beads all cost me $6 or less per 16" strand, and my average profit is around $10 to $12 per girl.

It usually takes me about an hour to get things ready to go to the birthday beading party, drive there, and set up; about another hour to do the bracelet activity with the girls; and another hour to put everything away, chat, eat a piece of birthday cake, give out bracelet birthday party flyers and business cards, and then drive home. So for 3 hours total, I usually net anywhere from $70 to $200 and have a lot of fun with the girls.

Birthday party activities are a very hot market niche, I've discovered, and
I recommend trying it out if it sounds at all interesting to you. For
successful birthday bracelet beading parties, the keys are to:

enjoy kids,
- have a sense of fun,
- bring a lot of pink and purple beads (along with other colors), and
- wear comfortable clothes because you'll be sitting on the floor.

While I'm helping the girls make their bracelets at the party, they always
want to know how I got into making jewelry. So I tell them about how doing something I love turned me into an entrepreneur, that I build my own websites, and that I invent my own job for myself every day by following opportunities that come up and thinking creatively about things. I can tell they're inspired by that, and I'm glad to plant seeds for future

To reach the bracelet beading party niche, I recommend making a nice flyer with a few enticing bracelet photos, a photo of a selection of beads, a brief party description, and your contact info.

Include a flyer for each birthday party guest to take home (most of the
girls who are guests at one of my birthday beading parties want to have
their own parties). Also inquire at your local elementary schools (public
and private schools) about including one of your flyers in students' weekly take-home folders. Many schools are happy to do this if you provide the flyer copies.

Other likely places to distribute birthday bracelet beading party flyers
(with permission) include ballet / dance / gymnastics studios where girls
take lessons; soccer / softball games; local bead stores; craft stores; and pottery painting stores.

I would have never thought of having a Bracelet Birthday Party for my daughter, but, I will be having one for her next Birthday! This is such a great way to keep a handful of girls busy, having fun, and keekping them focused!

To discover thousands of secrets for marketing your handcrafted jewelry in Rena Klingenberg's jewelry business resources

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips

Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth

Creative Jewelry Display Ideas

Necklace Size Guide

Have you ever tried measuring your neck or the neck of a friend, in order to get the perfect size for a necklace you were beading? Well, we have some general guidelines for necklace sizing, that should help you make things easier when you do your next project.

(12-13 inches)
Young Ladies and petite women wear snug collar necklaces around the middle of the neck. They are a must-have when wearing off-the-shoulder fashions and v-necks.

(17-19 inches)
The princess necklace is the most popular necklace length and is best suited for high necklines and crew necks, falling just below the throat. Pendants are very eye-appealing with a princess necklace.

(25-34 inches)
The opera necklace is very versitile allowing one to transition from day to evening. Longer in length, it offers elegance and can be worn as a single or double strand.

(14-16 inches)
Classic and dramatic, a 14-16 inch choker lays perfectly around the base of the neck. A choker necklace can really make a bold statement.

(20-24 inches)
Ideal for casual or business attire, the matinee necklace really compliments an outfit. Many feel this length is “just right” for a necklace.

(over 45 inches)
Rope necklaces are a must-have accessory! With a very generous length, the necklace can be worn as a single, double or triple strand necklace giving various looks to many outfits.

Crystal and Chain Bracelet

Crystal and Chain Bracelet

This bracelet is fun and easy to make. With just a handful of supplies needed, and a few minutes to count out spaces you can create a beautiful bracelet.

For instructions on how to create a stunning bracelet using crystal and bulk chain visit Fire Mountain Beads .