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Newborn Baby Scrapbook Layout

Happiness Is.......Scrapbook Layout by Stacy Brunner

Ah... nothing makes you happier than being a parent for the first time. Sure, the all the crying frazzles your nerves. A good way to deal with it?  Snap some photos of your tearful little one!

I bought some new clear acrylic stamps recently. I consider stamps a good investment as far as crafting supplies go because they are almost infinitely reusable. For this layout, I wanted to demonstrate how to use the stamps to make your own embellishments. The stamps used in this layout are Stamp Flourishes v.2 from Autumn Leaves, available from Two Peas in a Bucket . Read more »

Best Practices for Using Water Colors

What you need to know in order to get started...

Crafting With Water Colors

Crafting With Water Colors

Most of us have used the cake-style water colors as a child. Water colors are also available in tubes, which makes using this medium very versatile. Water color pastes give you a better idea of the intensity of color you'll get when you put your brush to paper. Water color pigments are designed to be diluted with water, or else the paper can crack when it dries. Read more »

Handmade Wedding Stationary

Handmade Wedding Stationary - submitted by Candice Lighty

craftywedding2.jpgIf you or someone you know is getting married - put those scrapbooking supplies to good use - make your own wedding stationery!  Not only can you customize your invitations and paper items to match your wedding - it's a great way to save money on your wedding. I designed this set for my niece's recent wedding.  Her flowers were tulips and her colors were lavender and white - so I was able to truly customize her stationery just for her.  Read more »

Introducing Design Team Member Jayne Loughlin

Jayne is a new addition to the Crafty Places design team all the way from the UK. She is bright and delightful and has some amazing craft projects to show you.....welcome Jayne!

I am a stay at home Wife & mum of 3 girls. I have trained as a chef & also make Tiaras for weddings and proms just as another hobby. I've been scrapbooking for nearly 2 years now and I can honestly say that it's the best hobby I've ever had as i can also incorperate photography. I started when my 3rd Daughter was born.Even when I'm not actually scrapping I'm thinking about it. My family have come to realize how much scrapbooking means to me and so are pretty understanding of my obsession. Although I would find it nearly impossible to pigeonhole my design style, I do love the clean and simple line. I must confess to having a weakness for clear stamps and also buttons. I am a member of the Ukscrapers scrapbooking forum. It seems to be the biggest scrapbooking Forum for the UK at the moment.I go to a crop once a month and have my own scrapbooing room (which many uk scrappers haven't got) where i can scrapbook most evenings and weekends when i feel like it. I think i can bring the chance for the USA to see a taste of how we Scrap here in the uk. and am so excited at this opportunity.

Introducing Design Team Member Candice Lighty

Candice is another new addition to our Crafty Places design team. She is extremely creative and we look forward to having her with us and learning from her great suggestions and beautiful craft projects.....welcome Candice!

I am a stay at home mom of 2 wonderful boys - 5 & 2 years old - and have been scrapbooking and cardmaking for about 4 and a half years. I started scrapbooking shortly after my first son was born. Cardmaking came a little later - I find that cardmaking and scrapbooking really go hand in hand - the same tools and techniques can be applied to both. My favorite tools are my Cricut and my rubber stamps. My favorite supplies are ribbon, flowers, and just about all patterened paper. I am currently an active member of the Cricut.com message board and most recently joined the Split Coast Stampers message board.

I am not currently on any other design teams. I have been wanting to join one for a long time now though. I feel like my style has really come into its own and am ready to share my work with others. I never considered myself a trendsetter until a recent card I posted on a message board started being copied on other sites. And with us papercrafters - being scraplifted is the greatest form of flattery!! I always like to keep up on the latest trends in the papercrafting industry as well. I try to get in as much time each week with my cards and layouts as I can - if I am lucky - my boys will give me about an hour or two each day to craft. I really feel like I could bring a lot to the CraftyPlaces Design team - I am truly passionate about scrapbooking and cardmaking and would love to be able to share my ideas with others.

Design Team Member Tina Parker

Tina Parker, mother of three, college student, and a nine-year veteran of scrapbooking, is a charter member of the National Scrapbooking Association (NSA). While working to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, she also works for the Lone Star Scrapbook Company in The Woodlands, Texas area. Tina holds the position of Committee Chair and contributing writer for the Instructor & Designer Certification Program for the NSA. She is a certified SDU instructor for EK Success and has taught all phases of that program for over two years. Tina also is facilitator of Lone Star’s Pinecone Press bookclub. She is a noted teacher and guest lecturer for various organizations interested in scrapbooking and in memorabilia preservation, which includes the Embroider Guild of America, Houston Public Library, Houston Independent School District’s Fine Arts Conference, and several church organizations. When listening to Tina teach or talk about scrapbooking, her passion for preserving family memorabilia and recording life-experiences becomes very obvious. There is nothing she enjoys more than encouraging others to preserve their precious memories for future generations.

Design Team Member Stacy Brunner

Stacy has been with the Crafty Places design team for several months now and has brought such an amazing creativity to the team. Thank you for all your wonderful projects!

Stacy Brunner has been scrapbooking since she could hold a pair of scissors. She scrapped before there was "scrapping stuff". Before tape runners. Before all night crops. Her grandma and aunts were the inspiration. Stacy's aunts used giant binders that held greeting card samples that were re-made into scrapbooks. Their scrapbooks had all kinds of things: schoolwork, comic strips, magazine cut-outs and some photos. It was a snapshot of their girlhood that would not have been capturable in any other media. Scrapbooking enables Stacy to hold onto memories and share them with friends, family, and future generations. And more than that it is a form of creative expression. Scrapbooking is a beautiful way to combine love of art and photography. She is constantly seeking new inspiration and adapting it to her craft. Every page is an expression and an opportunity to learn something new. Stacy lives in Ohio with her husband John in their home that is never without a project. To see more of Stacy's work please visit Etsy and Photos

Survival Tips for Crafters

by Anissa Wardell

The first thing for every crafter who intends on selling their wares, is to be organized. Write down your creative ideas, go online or to local boutiques and see what others are doing. Do not copy, but merely see what types of goods are the most popular items. Altered crafts are always a great way to bring the old back to life in exciting and unique ways.

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Top Ten Crafty Things to do on National Scrapbooking Day!

The top ten scrapbooking activities for National Scrapbooking Day:

1. Attend a crop or scrapbooking party! It's great to have motivation, and scrapbooking with friends is a great way to spur your creativity and keep you motivated. If you didn't plan to attend a crop, be spontaneous and consider inviting some friends over!

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Creating Masculine Scrapbook Pages

Creating masculine pages is not as difficult as you may think. Many companies are now creating more masculine materials for our scrapbooks and crafts. How do we begin to layout our scrapbook pages or crafts for the men in our lives? Start with the color, pattern, and texture that you would like to use. Some great tips that I have learned from are using earthy colors such as tans, browns, greens, etc. Also, using masculine patterns, narrow stripes, argyle, geometric or linear, distressed, rugged, texture, and anything manly you can come up with!
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Scrapbook Layout The Historic Granbury

Scrapbook Layout "Historic Granbury" submitted by design team member Katrena Goldstein

I have tried to challenge myself lately with using more than 4 pictures on a single page. This is one of my best attempts. I wanted a simple, mosaic type look for this page. Instead of using a lot of embellishments that would likely crowd the page, I found a nice, appropriately decorated paper with words and an image to jump out from behind the pictures. I left the main image of the paper uncovered to give a colonial feel…since the purpose of the visit in the pictures relates to visiting a historical, colonial town. Flair Designs alphabet rubons were perfect for the titling! Supplies used: paper, rubons.

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Casting Shadows with Discharge – Simply Quilts



Quilt artist Colleen Wise shares her unique discharge technique that magically casts shadows on quilts for a remarkable appearance. Then Alex Anderson explains her method for organizing her components prior to quilting. This video is not for beginners, but, it is a good tutorial and something to look forward to. This quilt is beautiful, and gives way to thoughts on many other ways to incorporate the discharge technique.

Click here to see how this quilt is made!

Happy Easter Card or Party Invitation – Free, Printable Easter Cards

Print out and make this free Easter card featuring a Happy Easter design. Use this printable card to send a greeting to a special person or as a holiday party or dinner invitation!

Source: About Family Crafts: What's Hot Now.

Watch the video below to learn how to make some a fun easter treat made out of peeps, chocolate and pretzels. This is an easy enough craft that you can make with your children. This and easter egg coloring is all you need to have fun during the Easter Break!

Decorative Painting

Decorative Painting, Folk Art Painting, Tole Painting...

Decorative Painting Tole PaintingCall it what you want, it has a unique appeal to crafters of all kinds.

For those of us who love to create and explore new crafts and techniques, this form of art is especially additive. This is also the perfect hobby for those who like to alter items for home decoration, for use in crafts, and scrapbooking.

This is can be an art, craft, or hobby that is affordable, and a great way to Craft-Cycle.

Did you know that this art form has its own membership society? While there may be many similar groups throughout the world, the most well known group for these artists is the Society of Decorative Painters, which has a membership of around 22,000 individuals.

The Society of Decorative Painters defines decorative painting as a diverse art form that utilizes a variety of techniques and media to decorate functional and non-functional surfaces.

Decorative artists are among some of the best recyclers, or as we say...Craft-Cyclers, of the art and craft communities. Decorative painters do no limit themselves to canvas or paper, they often use items that can be found around the house.

Some common items that are used are: tin objects, wood crafts, scrapbooking, utensils (wood or tin), gardening objects, furniture, tables chairs, frames, chests, toys, jewelry, coffee pots, and metal objects.