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Nalbinding a Textile Technique

NÃ¥lbinding is a textile technique that uses a single, eyed, needle to create fabric by sewing non-continuous lengths of thread in a fashion that in its most basic form is a series of buttonhole stitches and in more complex forms are threaded together. In NÃ¥lbinding, the thread is not pulled tight against itself forming a hard knot, but the stitches are tensioned, often around a thumb or needle, leaving a meshwork of interlocking loops of thread. Except in those forms that look like crossed knitting, it does not unravel like knitting or crochet as the thread is drawn entirely through each stitch. The resulting fabric is generally built spiraling up row by row and can be very elastic or quite stiff depending on the variation and material used.
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The Recycled Yarn Tutorial – How To Unravel a Sweater

Great Resource To Check Out!

Neauveau Fiber Arts

I bought a cotton sweater for 75 cents and a sweater made out of wool sock yarn with nylon in it for 50 cents. In order to recycle sweater yarn, you should follow a few simple steps, I don't claim to know everything, but I found a woman, who has taken pictures and explained it in great detail, visit her site for great instructions on recycling sweater yarn.

Interweave Magazine also has a great article on Recycling Sweater yarn. Ashley Martineau: Thrift-Store Stash Queen has started her own online community for people to ask questions and share their unraveling projects.

If you are having problems with your recycling yarn project, consider using it as a recycled sweater tote. For complete instructions see Canadian Living's online article.

The Complete Baby Shower Gift

After having my first child, I was given booties and an afghan. They are two of my most treasured gifts. If you love crocheting handmade gifts, these patterns will inspire you to be creative and give a gift that will be treasured for years to come!
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