Nalbinding a Textile Technique

Nalbinding A Textile Technique

NÃ¥lbinding is a textile technique that uses a single, eyed, needle to create fabric by sewing non-continuous lengths of thread in a fashion that in its most basic form is a series of buttonhole stitches and in more complex forms are threaded together. In NÃ¥lbinding, the thread is not pulled tight a … [Read more...]

The Recycled Yarn Tutorial – How To Unravel a Sweater

Great Resource To Check Out! Neauveau Fiber Arts I bought a cotton sweater for 75 cents and a sweater made out of wool sock yarn with nylon in it for 50 cents. In order to recycle sweater yarn, you should follow a few simple steps, I don't claim to know everything, but I found a woman, who has … [Read more...]

The Complete Baby Shower Gift


After having my first child, I was given booties and an afghan. They are two of my most treasured gifts. If you love crocheting handmade gifts, these patterns will inspire you to be creative and give a gift that will be treasured for years to come! … [Read more...]